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I got into this business because of my love of Mixed Martial Arts and the atmosphere around the fights and tournaments.  I did a little BJJ, MMA and Boxing training myself but nothing serious.  At my advanced age I needed another avenue to be involved in these sports.


This company began as an MMA t-shirt and apparel business. We are steadily increasing the product line to cover more Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts products.  Keep visiting this site month after month and watch it grow.


I'm having a blast meeting all of the local gym owners and other people involved in these sports.  There seems to be a real need for a local supplier of these products.  You can't always be sure of the fit when buying something online.  So my goal is to introduce my product to as many people as possible locally and then widen my customer base from there.  I want them to try it on, roll in the Gi's, spar with the sparring gear and give me all of thier feedback... both good and bad.   I need this feedback if I am going to grow a successful business.


So, browse this website.  If you are a gym owner, contact me about custom orders with your logos, gi patches and school colors.  Build school loyalty by promoting your logo on all of your gym gear..


Thank you for visiting my site.






Jeff Swanson


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